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Test your skills in cooking Kabsa
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Test your skills in cooking Kabsa

Most food lovers and fans of Eastern cuisine would agree that Kabsa is one of the most important and delicious dishes spread throughout the Arab world and even the world at large.
It is an easy-to-prepare dish, rich in ingredients, and delicious in taste.
Often, family members and friends gather to enjoy it, as it represents generosity and good hospitality when served to guests.
The first country that comes to mind when we talk about Kabsa is Saudi Arabia, where it is served on almost every occasion or celebration.
However, the surprise is that the origin of Kabsa dates back to Andalusia, where some poor people in Spain used to collect leftover food from the feasts and celebrations of kings and nobles, put them all in one dish, and then eat them.
This dish was called "Al-Bahiya," taken from the Arabic word "Al-Baqiya."
One day, one of the rulers entered the kitchen, ate from this dish, liked it very much, and asked for it to be prepared for him several times until it turned into a main dish loved by most Spaniards to this day.
Kabsa may be attributed to Saudi Arabia because it has taken this dish to another level by adding chicken, meat, nuts, and many distinctive and special spices to make it a luxurious dish with great popularity in all Arab countries.
Kabsa is called by this name because the ingredients are pressed on top of each other, including rice, vegetables, and meat.
The name may change in other Arab countries to "Mujbous" or "Makbous" or "Al-Mutabaq."
The ways of preparing Kabsa differ from one country to another.
It is a dish that we can add many additions according to each person's taste and preferences in food.
However, the traditional method remains the basis and the first reference in cooking Kabsa.
If you are a food lover or a cooking enthusiast, you will love to take this test to know how skilled you are in preparing this delicious dish.
Are you ready?!

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Countries flags test
study and learning
Countries flags test

This test is easy and fun ... You'll find information that you know , and others that you learn about ... General culture comes from a lot of reading, travel, and such tests ..

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Tourism in Turkey Test
Tourism in Turkey Test

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world because of its diverse historical and archaeological landmarks that reflect the succession of civilizations on its lands, as well as the variety of natural tourist attractions, coastal resorts, entertainment centers, and shopping centers.

Experiences of living in Türkiye to start investing

Investing in Turkey in general has become one of the most important reasons for living and moving there from all over the world, especially from Arab countries that were exposed to harsh security conditions, and then a large number of Arab citizens decided to start investing in Turkey, as it is an ideal investment environment .

Experiences of living in Türkiye and choosing and purchasing the appropriate property

There is no doubt that real estate investment in Turkey It has become the best investment area ever, because of its extremely important and distinguished investment advantages, so searching for, choosing a property and living in Turkey has become one of the common dreams .


Encouraging factors that push you to try living in Türkiye

There are many encouraging factors that push you to try living in Turkey, including civilization, economic, social and investment superiority, and other special advantages that Turkey enjoys. Let us learn together about the most important of these factors .

Diversity of the best areas to move to live in Türkiye

The best areas to live in Turkey are widely varied. All Turkish lands have become suitable for living and stability, and have all the service and entertainment facilities that locals and foreigners may need .

Many tourist places

There are many world-famous tourist places in Turkey Millions of tourists flock to it from all over the world, and of course this tourism character adds to the country a promising investment value, and also makes the entertainment level in the country at the highest level sought by many foreign citizens who want a luxurious tourist residence throughout the year .

Possibility of obtaining real estate residency

We are talking here about one of the most important advantages that a newcomer or expatriate gets to reside in Turkey, as he can apply for real estate residency in Turkey by purchasing a property. Residential, which is a renewable residence throughout the duration of ownership of the property in a very easy way without obstacles .

The advantage of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

Here is the impressive competitive advantage that attracts thousands to Turkey, which is the advantage of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment , which means the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property. Or several properties with a value of not less than 400 thousand US dollars .

The best areas to live in Türkiye, Istanbul

Are you now wondering about the best areas to live in Türkiye? Although Turkish lands in general have become a dream for many, there are some areas that almost everyone in Turkey prefers, so let’s get to know them .

Moving and living in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has won the desires and preference of investors, expatriates and foreign students, and Istanbul has become a charming city Which most expatriates to Turkey want to live in, and of course Istanbul tops the list of the best areas to live in Turkey .

Experience living in Türkiye in Sariyer area

Being one of the most important European areas of Istanbul, and thanks to its view of the Bosphorus Strait, the Sariyer area has won the title of one of the best areas to live in Turkey, as it is a first-class tourist area, with all the basic and recreational services that residents may need .

Experience living in Türkiye in Pendak area

In the far east of the Asian side of Istanbul, the icon of splendor and beauty, Pendik, is located, which has many famous tourist and historical monuments, with an abundance of real estate investment projects that foreign investors are looking for, and therefore it is a suitable and ideal area for living in Turkey .

Experience living in Turkey in the Sancaktepe region

On the Asian side of Istanbul, with a charming view of the forest area, and 22 kilometers from Sabiha Airport, is the unique Sancaktepe area, which includes all the residents’ needs in terms of educational services, hospitals, and tourist and entertainment places .

Here we have reached the end of our comprehensive tour to learn about the reasons for moving and living in Turkey, and we hope that we have provided a comprehensive explanation and comprehensive information about the advantages and positives of living in Turkey .

Frequently asked questions about moving and living in Türkiye

  1. How can I get a visa to visit Türkiye?
    You can obtain a visa to visit Turkey by applying for an electronic visa. This application is intended for those who wish to enter Turkey for tourism or trade purposes. It is an ideal solution for those looking for temporary residence in Turkey for no more than three months, but if you want permanent residence You must apply for a permanent residence visa .
  2. Can I live in Türkiye permanently in Türkiye?
    You can live in Turkey permanently by applying for a residence permit within three months of entering the country .
  3. How do I apply for a Turkish residence permit?
    It is possible to apply for a Turkish residence permit within a month of arriving in Turkey on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Interior .
  4. How can I live in Türkiye?
    You can live in Turkey by breaking the language barrier and searching for accommodation that suits your future goals .
  5. How to live in Türkiye?
    It is possible to live in Turkey by applying for an appropriate residence permit, then completing the procedures and moving and living in Turkey .
  6. How to move to live in Türkiye?
    Moving to live in Turkey is done by applying for permanent residency .


You can test your knowledge of Turkey and its tourist attractions through this quiz.

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Capitals of the World test
study and learning
Capitals of the World test

Capitals of the world… Even if you haven't studied geography, you should know a lot bout countries and their capitals … This is a test of the countries capitals of the world with questions that hit your memory to bring back the capitals you know.. It will also help you know countries and capitals you don't know.

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Test Korean language Level 1
study and learning
Test Korean language Level 1

If you are a fan of Korean culture, you will definitely like this test!
Korean culture has recently spread widely in various fields. It is a rich and diverse culture that includes many customs, traditions, arts, music, holidays, fashion, and more. You have undoubtedly heard of Korean music bands and their popular K-pop music among young people and teenagers. Perhaps you have watched one of the famous Korean dramas with a well-woven story and a relatively short number of episodes, or at least you may have come across a clip of unique and delicious Korean cooking.

All of this has made many people want to learn the Korean language directly by attending courses and training programs, whether online or in-person, visiting educational centers and institutes, or by following celebrities, TV series, and listening to Korean music. As a result, they unintentionally learn and memorize various words and phrases without even realizing it!

The Korean language is used on the Korean Peninsula and is an official language in both North and South Korea.
The alphabet system in Korean writing is called "Hangul," and the Korean language consists of 19 consonants and 21 vowels. The vocabulary of the language is divided into three sections: original Korean words, words of Chinese origin, and foreign words.

The Korean language is part of the Altaic language family, which includes Turkish, Japanese, and Mongolian.

Learning a new language is a fundamental and necessary skill for self-development, improving creative and critical thinking skills, and opening doors to meet new people and friends from different nationalities and countries, understanding their history, culture, and perspectives better. It also increases opportunities for traveling to different countries, finding suitable job opportunities, and many other benefits that language learners gain.

In this test, you will test your knowledge of the Korean language through simple phrases suitable for beginners or those with only basic knowledge.
You will have a fun, useful, and entertaining time at the same time. Start the test and share your results with your friends.

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Test your knowladge about animals
art and fun
Test your knowladge about animals

The animals' world is a full of magic, strange and hidden secrets... These creatures live with us on the same earth, they can be considered as important and dangerous part of the environment surrounding humans... some animals help us, some animals scary us and we love some animals... so what do you know about animals and are you interested in the animal world? Now test your knowledge about animals and discover new information..

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Test Korean language Level 2
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Test Korean language Level 2

The Korean language is characterized by its unique structure, which includes a system of combining words and phrases to form detailed meanings. The language expresses many respectful and social concepts through verb conjugation and the use of appropriate words in a specific context.

The Korean language is a language from the Korean language family, spoken by people on the Korean Peninsula, including North and South Korea. The Korean language is characterized by its unique lines and writing system, known as Hangul.

In general, the Korean language reflects the history and culture of the Korean people, and has been influenced by its linguistic and cultural surroundings. It remains a language of beauty and complexity that deserves attention.

Most words in the Korean language have strong roots and fixed rules, contributing to the building of grammatical rules and expressions. The Korean language also includes a complex system of respect and reverence based on social status, age, and relationship between individuals.

Here are some rules:
Word order: In the Korean language, the word order in a sentence is usually as follows: subject + verb + object. For example, "I eat food" is translated to "나는 음식을 먹어요" (naneun eumsigeul meogeoyo).

Verbs and conjugations: Verbs in Korean change according to tense, person, and formality. There are several conjugations for verbs that express present, past, future, and commands. For example, the verb "to eat" can be conjugated to "eat" (먹어요 meogeoyo) for the present tense or "ate" (먹었어요 meogeosseoyo) for the past tense.

Pronouns: Pronouns in the Korean language come in different forms depending on their function and context. For example, "I" is translated to "나" (na), and "you" is translated to "너" (neo).

Respectful form: Different forms are used to speak politely and respectfully in Korean. These forms depend on the relationship between the speakers and the context. For example, "do" becomes "do with respect" (합니다 → 하십니다).

Numbers and counting: Numbers in Korean change depending on the context. There are Chinese numbers and native Korean numbers. For example, the number 1 is represented by the Chinese character "일" and the Korean number "하나".

Expressions of time: The simple future tense is primarily used in Korean to indicate future events. However, there are also complex expressions that accurately express timing and tense.

This is just a brief overview of the rules of the Korean language, and there are many rules and exceptions that add depth to this wonderful language.

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Exam what do you know about yoga?
Exam what do you know about yoga?

This test contains fun and interesting facts you don't know about Yoga .. Give yourself a chance and test your knowledge of this unique sport

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